Business Amendments

Business AmendmentsTrade Name Amendments

As an existing entity, you may, in the course of normal business, need to change or update your directors, officers, members, business name, business purpose, business address, fiscal year end, termination date, or other important information. This can be done through the amendment process.

The regular updating of your business record with our office is an important part of maintaining your good standing with the state of Vermont.

Business Amendments

You may now file business amendments (except those for Trade Names (DBA)) online in just a few easy steps:

  1. Log into our Online Business Service Center
  2. Click on “Online Services” on the left hand menu to open the drop-down menu
  3. Click on “Business Amendments” underneath “Online Services”
  4. Follow the On-screen prompts and enter all required and updated information
  5. Click “Submit” on the final page

If you are a first-time filer, you will be prompted to create a new login. Keep this safe. If you are a returning customer, please use the assigned login from previous years.

Name Availability

Do not invest in websites, banners, advertisements, or other marketing materials until you receive a certificate confirming your ownership of the requested name.

The state of Vermont operates under a “deceptively similar” standard. Under this standard, if the requested name is so similar to an already registered name, such that it would confuse the public as to whom they are dealing with, it will be rejected.

All amendments seeking to change a business name with the Office of the Secretary of State are subject to name availability rules. Please search our online database for your desired business name to avoid any obvious conflicts:

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Trade Name Amendments

To update the business purpose, business addresses, or to remove members of a trade name registration, you must use the “Trade Name Amendment Form” provided at the bottom of this page.

To change the business name, or to change or add owners (i.e. members or partners) of a trade name registration, you must:

  1. First, file to end your current registration;
  2. Then, file to start or register a trade name under the new business name or owners.

Please note: It is recommended (but not required) that you file both the ending and starting documents together with a single check for the total fee.

Coming soon: Trade name amendment and endings will be available for online filing.

Paper Forms:

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