Service of Process

The registered agent is the corporation’s agent for service of process. However, whenever a corporation fails to appoint or maintain a registered agent or whenever its registered agent cannot with reasonable diligence be found, the secretary of state may be served as agent for that corporation.

Summons and Service

Summons and service may be made by delivering such notice of service to the Office of the Secretary of State, Corporations Division, 128 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont 05633-1104. The documents must be in duplicate, and a fee of $25 is charged when the Office of the Secretary of State accepts service of process on behalf of a corporation.

The secretary of state accepts service of process (formal notice of a lawsuit) on behalf of corporations without a registered agent (someone who accepts service on behalf of a corporation) or for foreign corporations.

The Office of the Secretary of State may also accept service of process on insurance companies, whether foreign or domestic.

Registered Agent

Most forms of registration require the name and address of the registered agent who resides in Vermont.

Please note:

  • The registered agent is the “person” who accepts service of process of a lawsuit, or other official correspondence, or papers on behalf of the company.

  • The registered agent must have a legal street address in Vermont.

  • The registered agent cannot use a post office box.

  • The registered agent may be an individual who resides in Vermont; or a registered profit or nonprofit, foreign, or domestic corporation in good standing.

  • The registered agent does not have to be an employee, shareholder, or director of the company.

  • Appointment of a registered agent must be done with his or her prior approval.

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